Lynnette was born and raised in Southern California and has been an actress, voice over artist, host, spokesperson and news reporter for many years.  Her love for the Arts started when she was very young. She started on stage and moved on to modeling, then to Film, TV, Videos and Voice Overs. She has trained with top acting coaches such as Aaron Speiser, Kimberly Jentsen, Lynette McNeil, and Mike Pointer just to name a few and has taken many independent classes as well, starting right out of high school with the Lee Strasburg Theatre Institute in Hollywood.

Graduating at the top of her class in 1993 from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising she decided to open up a Day Spa and Salon from scratch, which became Top Rated and was featured in Allure, Self and Glamour magazines under Sensational Salons and Spas of Orange County.  She had owned it for over 16 1/2 years so she knows about hard work, dedication and customer service. She decided to sell it so she could pursue her passion in the Arts.  All the while, being the perpetual student that she is, went back to college to pursue her acting again but this time, with a minor in psychology. She then moved on to acting coaches, feeling that they could teach her more in depth acting techniques. 

Wanting to further her career in the Entertainment industry, she decided to study voice over and as you can see from her resume, has built a very good career out of it.  Her voice is heard all over the world, from Google Android and Apple Apps, Cartoons, Comic Strips,  Games, Narration, Commercials, E-Learning, Video Sales Letters and the list goes on.  She is very versatile in her acting abilities as well.  

In the beginning of 2011 she was approached to do a webseries called "The Retirement Survival Network", which gave her the opportunity to learn to read from a teleprompter.  From there she moved on to a company called where she had 6 of her own shows and then became the Official Host/Spokesperson for and  then the News Caster for Horse Forex, as well as many others.  You can find her working in film, television, commercials, other videos, music videos,  writing, producing and voice overs.  There was even an article written in the Orange County Register about her and she's won awards and nominations for her modeling and acting skills.

The Arts are her passion and she believes you are never to old to pursue your dreams.