How To Manage A Project in Yandiki

Explainer VO I did for Yandiki

Audiobook Narration Reel

Short snippets of some of the Audiobooks I've voiced with different character voices.

Randy Bamboo Comic Series

The Comic Series I'm the Voice Over Artist for.

Different Character Voices for some video games

Some of the different character voices for some of the video games I've been the voice artist for.

Pink Princess Cartoon Series I'm all the Voices for.

Children's Audiobook with different character voices

Children's Audiobook I did with all different characters

Children's Audiobooks I've done

Short clips from some of the Children's Audiobooks I narrated

Announcer TAGIE Awards

My Voice Over for the Tagie Awards

News Narrator Voice Overs

Short clips from some of News Voice Overs I've done

Educational / E-Learning Voice Overs

Short clips from some of the Educational / E-Learning Voice Overs I've done

Telemarketing Voice Over for US Insurance

Recorded Telemarketing Voice Over I did for US Insurance

Commercial Voice Over for Shelf

A voice over I did for a commercial

Commercial Voice Over for Thurmer Tools

Commercial I did for Thurmer Tools

Cartoon Series I'm the Voices for

Cartoon I'm the voices for

Bluewhale Theme Song for the Cartoon I'm the Main Character Voices in

Theme Song for the cartoon

Children's Audiobook with a Southern Accent

A children's audiobook I narrated for schools

Commercial for ConvergePoint

Commercial I did for ConvergePoint

Children's Games/Apps Voiceover

Short clips of some of the children's games/app for Android and iOS I'm the voice over for

Charity Voice Overs

Short clips of some of the Charity Voice Overs I've done

Mastercode System VSL

A video sales letter voice over I did

Voicemail messages I've done for different companies

Explainer Video Voice Over

Explainer video voice over I did

Commercial Voice Over for Web Studio Lab

A commercial voice over I did for Web Studio Lab

Commercial Voice Over for Covered Caregiver

Commercial voice over I did for a company called Covered Caregiver