• Height: 5' 3"
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Hair Length: Long
  • Eyes: Blue
  • Weight: 130
  • Build: Athletic
  • Role Type: Caucasion
  • Playing Age: 45 - 55
  • Shoe Size: 6
  • Shirt Size: Medium
  • Dress Size: Medium
  • Tattoos: No
  • Piercings: Yes
Working Title: Thriller Mother Connor Wilson
Dead Cruelty Supporting Benjamin Brown III
Wakefield Body Double for Beverly D'Angelo Robin Swicord
Two Sides Supporting Annette Young Tomlinson
Failure To Comply Supporting Chelsea Pettit
Typecast Supporting Jon Artigo - Matt Kohler
Outfoxed Co-Star Lauren Petzke - Pie Pie Productions
Breakpoint Featured - Recurring SVC Breakpoint LLC
Haunted Mansion Featured Zombie Nuntakal Sakulchai
Cyber NSA Michael Mann
The Office Co Star Brittney Tennyson
Switchers Co-Star Jon Chua
The Deedson's Co-Star Cheyne Ibarra
The Graduate Lead Michelle Tieu
Azienda Stacie Josh Webber, Michael Girgenti
A Sea of Women Model George Moise, Charlotte Bashner
Learning English for Koreans Lead Sooyeon Kim
Bro-Dependent Very Featured Drug Addict Comedy Central
Jack in the Box Very Featured Hot mess Funny or Die - Will Ferrell
The Ring Lead International Creative Artists
The Project Lead International Creative Artists
Documentary Lead International Creative Artists
Tree of Hope-Frida Kahlo Narrator Clinton Derricks-Carroll/Anthony J. Haney
In Vino Co-Star Leonardo Foti - 7 Waves Entertainment
Live Improv Co-Star Fullerton College
Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean Stella Cerritos College
Available Upon Request
Medicare Supplemental Series Lead Host Quote Velocity
Royal Swiss Credit Union and Capital Trust Spokesperson Burnette Dubose
Zen Box - Tiny House Lead Spokesperson Eric Yim
People Movers Video Series Lead Host Nick Gutu
Outing Lead Comedian/Improv Jarred Kessler
Mindful Box - Explainer/Product Pictures Lead Vesta Bilinskaite
America's Retirement Forum Lead Douglas Gardner
Talking Point Conversation Starter Cards Lead Ben Jones
Easy Ecomm Lead Orange Light Enterprises
Youth For You - Explainer Lead Michelle Smith
WarpSpeed Taxi Lead Cyber Apps World/ Salim Rana
Acting Art Performance Lead Diogo Esteves
Supplement Review/Unboxing Lead Mettlence Pte LTD
Bellevie Skin Care Unboxing/Product Review Lead Lynnette Dolan
Timeshare Tracy 3 videos Lead Cambie Digital
Product Review - Healthy Sock Shop Lead Lynnette Dolan
Fund Raiser for Yemen 6 videos Lead Brian Parker
Introducing Your Instructor - Cleaning and Maintenance Leads Lead Michael Elliott
CeraCare Video Sales Letter Lead Razib Hossen
Rockefeller Secrets Lead - Testimonial Bishal Katuwal
Slim Patch Infomercial Lead Actor and Video Editor Adam Miocev
Cleaning and Maintenance Leads Video Sales Letter Lead and Video Editor Michael Elliott
Lectin Guard Lead Testimonial Alternative Health
Smart Bubble Gum Lead MNE
TNL Renovation Lead Testimonial Tomer Levi
Proper Wild Lead Testimonial Boost Local
Better5 Lead Testimonial Better5
Lectin Guard Lead Explainer Video Alternative Health
Exercise Video Series Lead Imperial Interactive Inc.
Primal Digestive Enzymes Lead Testimonial/Commercial Growzzly LLC
Medicare Saver Benefits Program Lead -Explainer/Commercial Razib Hossen
Ultra Beets Explainer KaraMD
My $20 Travel Business Lead Razib Hossen
Sooma Lead Testimonial Boost Local
NoctaLean Lead Testimonial Claro Media Inc.
Womsga Lead Razib Hossen
Brink Digital Lead Testimonial Michael Rosza
Office Training Video Series Lead and editor Keith Peterson
Lily Matthews Lead -playing a writer Punit D
Master Class for Pain Free Foods Lead Testimonial Mike Hohlweg
Wuffes Lead Testimonial Rowlo Media
Fit Body Planner Lead Testimonial 1 FF
Folliboost Explainer Lead TP Media
Video Training Series Lead spotonai
Angel Numbers Video Series Lead Sunsigns Online
Hygieia Explainer Video Hygieia
Happiness Baseline Lead Testimonial Monique Rhodes
Trauma Training Video - Short film Lead Mark Grant
Hygieia Lead Testimonial Blake Cooley
Realanncer Lead Testimonial Fortran Legal Services
Wuffes Lead Testimonal Wuffes
Pain Free Foods Lead Testimonial Pain Free Foods
Two Videos for HK Adevote Interactive Limited Lead HK Adevote Interactive Limited
Commercial for Keto-trim Lead Kendago
Vital Restore Explainer Video Lead Alternative Health
Vital Restore Lead Testimonial Alternative Health
Reporter for Horse Forex Weekly Series Reccuring Lead Ahmed Abdou
Folliboost Lead Testimonial TP Media
Linda's Essentials Stove Burner Covers Lead Essential Homes
Flex Restore Lead Testimonial BoFunk Media LLC
ETF Guide Series - News Reporter Recurring Lead Interviewer/reporter Ronald Delegge
Product Review for Dermalight LED Mask Lead Demalight
Review for Nine U Lead Andrew Anderson
Resunet Lead Aniik Mitra
Testimonial for Dr. Allen Lead Allen Nazeri and Company
Master of Project Lead Testimonial Resit Gulec
Assets-Ability Lead Sonja Reichardt
Spy Shop Store Lead Larry Ferguson
Health Supplement GS-85 2 videos Lead Testimonial Robbie Rankin
Blissful Digital Lead Michael Smith
Asia Pacific Institute for Advanced Research Lead Spokesperson Cool Stuffs
Folliboost Tutorial Lead TP Media Lead eAngel - Nadav Benedek
How to use product video for Vitchello Lead Vitchelo LLC
Two Video Intro's for Walter Murray Lead Walter Murray
HealthQueens+ Lead Spokesperson - Recurring MK Media
Panic Attack Recovery Weekly Series Lead Host/Spokesperson - Recurring Matthew Wagner
Sirocco Beauty Products Review Lead Haytham Ali
Healthy Relationship Series Lead Host/Spokesperson - Recurring Lynnette Dolan
Revolutionary Little Known Things Lead - Doctor Performance Media
Explainer Video Lead Islam Boukeit
Rebound Intro 2 videos Lead Compliance Audit Consultants
Live Webinar Co-Host Martin Soorjoo
Laguna Beach Blinds and Shades Lead Testimonial Dafi-Ofek
Locksmith Pasadena Lead Testimonial Dafi-Ofek
Garage Door Repair Brooklyn Lead Testimonial Dafi-Ofek
Carpet Cleaning Hacienda Heights Lead Testimonial Dafi-Ofek
DR Visions Lead Spokesperson/Interviewer DR Visions Debbie Drum
Social Media Influencer - Product Reviews 3 products Lead Adaobi Okoye
NNOF Video Lead - Testimonial Full Voice Media
Self Help Series Lead Therapist - Recurring Jessica Chou
Social Media Influencer - Product Review Lead Trafelia
Chinese Astrology Horoscope Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs 2020 Lead - Host - Spokesperson - Recurring
Western Astrology Horoscope Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs 2020 Lead - Host - Spokesperson - Recurring
Chinese Horoscope Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs for 2019 Lead Host - Spokesperson for 13 Shows - Recurring
Akal Learning Solutions Pathfinder Series Lead Host - Spokesperson Recurring Akal Learning Solutions
SolQuanta Perks Spokesperson - Recurring Caledonian Management
Western Horoscope Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs for 2019 Lead Host - Spokesperson for 13 shows - Recurring
Disrupt Trading/ Lead - Testimonial Mike Auton
Virtual Simulations Series Lead - Host - Recurring Kennesaw State University
Western Astrology Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs 2018 Lead Host - Spokesperson 13 Shows Recurring
Chinese Horoscope Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs 2018 Lead Host - Spokesperson for 13 Shows Recurring
Chinese Astrology Series for the 12 Zodiac signs 2017 Lead - Host - Spokesperson for 13 shows Recurring
Western Astrology Series for the 12 Zodiac Signs 2017 Lead - Host - Spokesperson 13 shows Recurring
Grant's Cobalt Code Software Lead - Video Testimonial Should I buy It
Sunnybadge Lead - Commercial Sunnybadge
Garcinia Cambogia Lead Webfore
MD Cure Lead Host - Spokesperson - Recurring Aerotel USA
The Hypnosis Weight Loss Smartwatch Lead Dynamic Business Trends
Nail Fungus Treatments Lead Testimonial Full Voice Media
How to Balance Your Chakras (Series) Lead Spokesperson/Host Recurring
Chakra Healing (Series) Lead Spokesperson/Host Recurring
Testimonial Video Pain Free Foods Lead Mike Hohlweg
What are the Chakras (Series) Lead Spokesperson/Host Recurring
Chinese Astrology Monthly Horoscope Series 2016 Lead Spokesperson/Host - Recurring
How to Video Lead inetnetworx
Western Astrology Monthly Horoscope Series 2016 Lead Spokesperson/Host - Recurring
News Anchor Lead - News Anchor The Simon Estes Educational Foundation
Retirement Survival Network Lead - News Anchor - Recurring Heritage Gold Goup - Jason Ninness
Video Emails Lead Luapele
Foranimated Video Lead Meritocracy
Daily Zodiac Facts Series Lead Spokespeson/Host Recurring
Daily Horoscope Series Lead - Spokesperson/Host - Recurring
Dietary Solutions Lead Pain Free Foods
Feng Shui Tips Series Lead Spokesperson/Host - Recurring
Educational Videos Lead Spokesperson/Host - Recurring Trihedron InfoTech
Screenwriters For Hire/ Outro 2 videos Lead Hire Freelancers
Screen Writers For Hire/ Intro 2 videos Lead Hire Freelancers
Two Sides Supporting Annette Young Tomlinson
Product testimonial Lead Yougotdate
Luevo Fashion Fashion Blogger Ana Caracaleanu


Aveeno Sensitive Skin Launches Lead Johnson & Johnson
The Hub Lead PepsiCo
SheWorks Lead Carolina Bohorquez
Lemon Drop Cure Lead Narrator Salim Rana
Just My Luck - Book Trailer Lead Harlequin Enterprises, ULC
Lin Snow TV Cartoon Lead Character Voice Lin Snow
IVR Messages Lead Jason Atencio
Pure Nature Lead Lynnette Dolan
IMExam MLE Voice Over and Video Editor Lead MLE - Steve Stepanick
Transparent Business (How to/Explainer) Lead Gisella Moreli
IVR for SL Chapman Lead Brad Lakin
Dinosaurs Series Lead Character Voices Devar
Poolictic Video Game Voice of Kayleigh McEnany Sassan Yousefi
Anatomy Series Lead Devar
Animal Series Lead Character Voices Devar
EC Nutrition Lead Christian Passwaters
Medical Scientific Dubbing Lead - dubbing from Spanish to English Medical Scientic
News Reporter for Ronald Micheal Stone Lead Ronald Micheal Stone
Utility Analytics Lead Merwin Group
Affride Media Lead Meredith Willis
Einstein Lead Rudhl
Nautilus Pools Lead Bassem Damous
Vibration Jump VSL 2020 Lead Rudhl
Mom - Short film Mom Ian Harrington
Dr. Enneagram Personality Series Recurring Lead Rudhl
Augmented Reality - Robot Lead AfterNow
Vocatales - Character Voices and sound effects Lead Gulsharan Goraya
Success Mastery - Fourth VSL Lead ULE
Legoland Lead Legoland
MasterCard Lead MasterCard -Michelle Muslera
Success Mastery - Third VSL Lead ULE
Middle School Security Video Lead InfoSec - Jack Koziol
E-Learning for K-3 - Character Voice Lead InfoSec - Jack Koziol
Hello Universe - AudioBook Narrator and all Characters except one Learning Ally
Voicemails for Royalties Card Lead Royalties Card - Robert Boyd
Randy Bamboo Comic Series - Character Voices Lead/All Characters Randall Beaird
L'Oreal 30 Days of Color Lead L'Oreal
Building Blocks Childcare Centers Lead Islam Boukheit
Wealthfairy Lead Hiring Video
Southview Church of God Lead Islam Boukheit
Children's Interactive Audiobook's and Games Series 15 books Lead/All Characters and Narrator Farhan Munir
How to Get What You Want in 2018 with Martin Soorjoo - Podcast Interviewer Outperform - Martin Soorjoo
Educational Games for Children - Dubbing Character Voices Lead Devar
Bare Naked Radio - Intro and Outro Lead Blissed Communications - Dawn Gluskin
Intro to Children's Game Lead Chen Roz
Aptamil Lead K Haddad
Series of Children's Audiobooks - Character Voices Lead/Recurring GUY
Action for Mothers and Children Lead Noar Qerimi
Archetype Series Lead/Recurring Rudhl - Joel Chu
Mastrcard / Santander - Super Wallet Lead Mastercard - Michelle Muslera
Camilk VoiceMail 5 different prompts Lead Camel Milk - Musab Majid
Voicemail Lead BIZGROUPS
Dubbing - from Spanish to English Lead Female Pablo Navarro
Success Mastery - Second VSL Lead ULE
Ennea Types Series Lead/Recurring Rudhl-Joel Chu
Prowess Oncology Lead Binh Nguyen
JVSP Lead Pablo Navarro
Birla Carbon E-Learning - Dubbing Lead Female Voxbox
Home Made Cellular Regeneration VSL Lead WINNAROW
The Ultimate Relationship System - VSL Lead RAM International
One Day Event - VSL Lead Supremiamedia
Royalties Card - Telemarketing Message #2 Lead BIZGROUPZ
Best Choice Awards Lead BIZGROUPS
Menopause Metabolism Makeover VSL Lead MK Media
1800-Accountant Webinar Lead Brendon Pack 1800-Accountant
Flat Belly Over 50 Diet VSL Lead MK Media
Hello Universe - Audiobook Narrator and all Characters except one Learning Ally
Cartoon Announcer for Streamer Showdown Lead Announcer Streamer Showdown - Chris Chan
Royalties Card Telemarketing Message Lead BIZGROUPZ
Collaborate USA Lead Meritocracy
Book of Greek Myths - Audiobook Lead Learning Ally
The Monsters Inside Me Audio Short - Character Voices Dr. Gretel Nittinger Jay W. Eccent
Conversational E-learning Series for LEAP Lead Female Student lovemyvoice
Blue Whale Google - Android and Apple/iTunes Children's learning Apps Lead/Recurring
Piper Green and the Fairy Tree - Audiobook - Narrator and Character Voices Audiobook Learning Ally
Southern Bank Customer Character - Audiobook Lead Inspire Education - Luke Whitehouse
Southern Saloon Character - Audiobook Lead Inspire Education - Luke Whitehouse
Blue Whale Theme Song Lead Singer
Blue Whale Cartoon Series for Children - Character Voices Lead voice artist/recurring
How to Successfully Participate in a Yandiki Project Lead KMGi
Success Mastery - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter ULE
Hurricane Writing Method Lead - Audiobook Mark Ling
Voices for Casa Children Lead - Commercial
Abundance Manifestation - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter John Webster
Dodgey Brick IOS Game - Character Voices All Female Character Voices for an IOS game Loot Studios
Miracle Intention - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter John Webster
Children's Google Android Learning App Lead Farhan Munir
How to use the Yandiki Timer App Lead KMGi
How to become a Yandiki Professional Lead KMGi
Children's Audiobook - Narrator and Character Voices Lead Inspire Education - Luke Whitehouse
Cattle Ranchers Story Audiobook - Character Voices Children's Audiobook - Lead Inspire Education - Luke Whitehouse
Educational Google Android App for Children Lead Farhan Munir
LeptiPlus Patient WLM SA
Children's Google Learning App Lead Abuzz Lead - Corporate Converge Point
Transplant Hero Lead Doodle Video
Phrases for Film Lead EC Films
Children's Learning - Apple - iTunes App Lead Sebasunus
I/O Vision Voice Message Lead Sebasanus
US Insurance Lead - telemarketer recorded voice US Insurance
TAGIE Awards Announcer Chicago Toy and Game Commission - Mary Couzin
Go Giver-Intro - Outro Lead Sebasunus
ARG Contract Staffing Lead Modeo Media
Virtues Project Lead Sebasunus
Swap Vision Lead Dheeraj Chandel
Quick Shop Lead Anish Alavi Lead Emax_sols
Sponzag Lead Muhammad Y.
Ergonomics Lead Altf3 Animation Studio
Master Code System Intro Lead -Video Sales Letter Sebasanus
Pelmanism - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter Sebasanus
Master Code System - VSL Lead - 2 Video Sales Letters Sebasanus
Neuroboost - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter Sebasanus
Mind Seeds Lead Meritocracy
Recovery Ritual - How to get over a break up for Men - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter Proofers
Recovery Ritual - How to Get Over a Break up for Women - VSL Lead - Video Sales Letter Proofers
GRATZI Lead explain0
Evelane second script - Dubbing Lead Web Commercial White Sahara Productions
Tarot Card Services Lead explain0
Turkish Education Portal Lead Sebasanus
1st Impression Dental Lead Aimviz
Vietnam Visa Corp Lead Aimviz
India Visa Corp Lead Aimviz
Why is the Moon following me? (audiobook) Lead. Web Commercial - Narrator Isidro Fernandez
Horizon Solar Lead - Commercial Solly Labs
Positive, Neutral, Negative Interjections Lead Subliminal Messages Nikolay Pokrovsky
Solar Power Lead Commercial Solly Labs
Employee Leasing Strategies Lead Commercial Solly Labs
Private Talent Cloud Lead Lillian Travis
TechnoNichol - Dubbing Lead Commercial UAB WEBEXPERT
Mother Whale - Character Voices Lead Commercial ISC
GMS Lead Aimviz
Magnet Lead Sollylabs
Testimonial - Brenda's Enhancing Business Opportunities Lead BH Creatives
Video Questionnaire Lead Meritocracy
How it works Lead Meritocracy
Smart Cloud Lead Meritocracy
Contractor Tracker App Lead Hiring Videos
M.I.S.B. Bocconi Lead Voxbox
Jigsaw Academy Lead Voxbox
Bocconi Lead Voxbox
TD Card Lead Voxbox
Matramoney Lead Meritocracy
Head and Thorax Lead Aimviz
BEE Lead Aimviz
Contracts are Signed Lead Aimviz
Taps and Dies - Dubbing Lead Meritocracy
Thurmer Tools - Dubbing Lead Meritocracy
E-Learning for Children Lead Social X Hiring
Evelane - Dubbing Lead - Commercial White Sand Productions
Web Studio Lab Lead The Rock Is Now
Voice Messages Lead Mr. Max TW
Listening B2L3 Tools and Gadgets - Children's Education Lead
Listening 1L7 Coming to Town - Children's Education Lead
E-Learning-Children Google Android App - Game Lead - Recurring Abuzz
Voice Message Lead Frank Balatine
Support Center Greetings Lead I Love Games
Listening 4L3 The Pet Caterer Lead
Listening 3L1 You've Changed Lead
Listening 2L5 The Inspector Calls Lead
E-Learning for Children 2-5 year olds Google App Lead Abuzz
Me Max Effects - Training Manual Lead Wild Octopus
Ideas from God Lead LK Design
Refresh Botanicals Training Manual Lead Wild Octopus
The Centrist Project Lead The Centrist Project - Doug Silverstein
E-Learning Series Lead - Recurring Esllou
Acamdemia Lead Meritocracy
For the Schools Lead Meritocracy
How to get paid Lead Arturo Aguilera Training Services
Trigma - Learning Series Lead Meritocracy
Kadho Lead Kadho/Fausto Causto
6 Voicemails lead BD Swiss
PatentZilla - Connecting the Dots Lead Meritocracy
PatentZilla - Open Innovation Lead Meritocracy Lead Meritocracy
Educational Voice Overs for Video Series Lead - Recurring 1 Year Grey Campus
La Belle Baskets Lead - voice Message AWHB
Traders Way Lead/voicemail Max Pross
Estella Marie Lead Meritocracy
Tree of Hope - Frida Kahlo Narrator Clinton Derricks-Carroll - Anthony J. Harney
Six app Lead Videozlab
How to Buy on Deals for Kiwis Lead BH Creatives
Why Choose Us? Deals for Kiwis Lead BH Creatives
How to Create Buyer and Supplier Account on Deals for Kiwis Lead BH Creatives
Ideas for Leaders Lead Meritocracy
4 Voicemails for Mandy Media Lead Mandy Media
Audiobook Lead - Abby LSS Entertainment
Audiobook Lead - Dahlia LSS Entertainment
Audiobook Narrator LSS Entertainment
How to make the World's Best Bowl of Chili Lead Jeremey Campbell
Baby Step TV Series Lead - Recurring 3 months Annana Zarova - Baby Step TV Lead Animatrix Studios
Perfect Tax Lead Meritocracy
Sightline Lead Meritocracy Lead Meritocracy
Craniosynostosis Lead Meritocracy Lead Meritocracy
AppsBizz Lead Meritocracy
LogoOnlinePros Lead Meritocracy
Voices of Hope Lead Diego Valdez
Soiree Lead Rabbit and Carrot
IM Your Doc Patient - Lead Rabbit and Carrot
IM Your Doc Physician - Lead Rabbit and Carrot
Sposae - Dubbing Lead Rabbit and Carrot Lead Rabbit and Carrot
Find my plus 1 Lead Jeremy Campbell
How to make the best pulled pork sandwiches Lead Jeremy Campbell
Inbound Marketing Lead Axiom Solutions
Web Design of New York Lead Axiom Solutions
Capelli International Day Spa & Salon Lead Yellowbook
Cut Out Person Lead Model Arturo Aguilera
Nezhad - Shayestch Business Associate Nezad - Shayestch
Hollywood Glamour Model prefers to remain anonymous
Jakafi Model Visual Storyline
Verizon Wireless Shopper Act Inc.
Tragedy Lead - Model Ross Richardson
Ad for The Stand Up Comedy Clinic Model - Actor David Conolly
Spidvid Home Page Model - Internet Jeremy Campbell
The Party Guest Model Bryan Fox Photography
Lover Model Mickey Yeh Photography
AppleOne Model Mechanisma LLC
Madonna Lead/Model Newport Coast Productions
Glam Rock Model Wayne Wright Photography
Old Hollywood Lead - Model Newport Coast Productions
Ad for Capelli International Day Spa & Salon Model Capelli International Day Spa/Salon
Temptu Model Temptu - Carey Grange
Swimsuit Lead - Model Newport Coast Productions
Tiny Tots Model Tracey Meyer
Bladerunner - Home and Gardens Television Testimonial GB Productions
Conture Testimonial Luminess
Cut Out Person Model Arturo Aguilera Training Services
Luminess Contour Spokesperson - Testimonial Luminess Air
Miracle Skin Transformer Testimonial - Spokesperson Ascendant Marketing and Media
Logo Online Pros Lead Spokesperson/Testimonial Meritocracy
AppleOne Employment Services Model Mechanisma LLC
Garcinia Cambogia Lead Spokesperson - Testimonial Cure Encapsulations
Temptu Model Temptu - Carey Grange
Testimonial-Brendas Enhancing Business Opportunities Lead BH Creatives
Magic Very Featured 1920's Gypsy Coldplay - Acme-Smith
Put Down The Phone Featured Party Guest Rhett and Link
Metropolis Club Goer - Del Marco Katjia - Bryan Rooney
Fall Down Miley Cyrus' Mom David Naylor & Assoc. -
Fly Panda Dancer 3rive Productions
Love Is Featured Kisser Ron Mohrhoff LLC
Shadows Very Featured Lover Marneen Lynn Fields - Heavenly Waterfall Productions
Don't Play with Guns - Black Angel Featured Dinner Guest - Faller Partizan Entertainment
Blues de la Marina Featured Party Guest Almeja Records - Gustavo Santee
America The Beautiful Featured Model Newport Coast Productions
All The Girls In Here Featured MTV/O.N.E.
Orange County Register-Sunday Edition Lead-Article about me as an actress trying to make it in Hollywood Writer - Editor: Keith Sharon
Bookpals Reader SAG-AFTRA
Blogs Published in Writer Improvisation News/Improv Updates
Informal Modeling Model Various Freelance Companies
Ear Abstracts - Fashion Show Model Ear Abstracts
Around the World - Fashion Show Model Friends Christian Church
Brittboy Fashions- Fashion Show Model Parris Harris - Brian Terry
Inny Nominee Best Blog
Irene Ryan Award Stella-Come Back to the Five and Dime Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts
Voice Over for Games Webinar Dave Fennoy
Singing Molly Mahoney
Voice Over Vanessa Gilbert
Acting Workshop Scott David
Scene Study Dean Fronk
Improv, Instinct, Comedy, Audition, On Camera Krater Studos
Improv - Comedy David Conolly/The Stand Up Comedy Clinic
Commercial Workshop Danielle Eskinazi
Voice Over Mark Neely
Improv Mike Pointer/ Hey I Saw Your Commercial
Commercial Print Mike Pointer/ Hey I Saw Your Commercial
Commercial Class Mike Pointer/ Hey I Saw Your Commercial
Improv, Monologue, Scene Study Lynette McNeil
Audition Techniques, Cold Reading Jeffrey Brooks
Script Breakdown Tim Phillips
Voice Over Jeff Jones
Scene Study, Monologue Aaron Speiser
Cold Reading Deborah Barylski
Comedy Techiques Nick Anderson
The Digital Actor Michael Murray
Acting, Singing Techniques Ann Maney
Improv, Acting Techniques - Uta Hagen Susan Rumor - Aaron Speiser
Improv, Scene Study, Cold Reading Kimberely Jentzen
Audition Techniques Daniel Rojo
Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute
Improv, Acting for the Camera Ron Michaelson
Improv Will Fowler
Singing Dr. Katherine Rundus
Singing Steven Dahlke
Singing Maria Laserova
Improv, Acting for the Camera, Scene Study International Creative Artists
Landmark Education
FIDM Visual Merchandising and Marketing
Cerritos College Theatre Arts
Fullerton College Theatre Arts
Gino Robair Beauty College Manicurist
Various Workshops Business Management
Business of Acting Mitch Clem
Teleprompter, Editing Audio and Video, Producing Audio and Video,Beam Pilot, currently studying Spanish.  Mom, Manicuring, Organizing, Run a Business, Cooking, Freestyle Dancing, Bike Riding, Horseback Riding, Ex-Day Spa and Salon Owner, Hiking, Swimming, Interior Designing, Singing, Song Writing, Blogger.
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