Green Screen Reel

Short clips of some of work on green screen


Spokesperson, News Reporter Video Presenter and Editor Reel

These are just short clips of some of my recent work.

Commercial I did for Slim Patch

News Reporter

One of my shows for the weekly series I do. I am a news reporter for world events and the stock market, etc.

Product Review for a skincare product

Product review for a skincare product

Review I did for an online course

This is a review I did where I acted in it, did the voiceovers, filmed it and completely edited it.

Short clips of some of my shows

Commercial for

Intro I filmed for a webinar

One of my new shows in my continuing series for

One of my new shows in my continuing series for

Fun little Intro I did for a Webinar

A Show in my series for

One of the shows I host in my series for This one is on Mindfulness and Anxiety

Testimonial I did for a Blinds Company

My show on Healthy Relationships and Affirmations

One of the shows in my series of Healthy Relationship. This one is on Affirmations and Compliments

My show on Healthy Relationships and Social Media

One of my shows in my series Healthy Relationships

About me

What I do for a living and what I enjoy

Acting Demo Reel

Short Clips of some of the movies I've done

Title Page Video for my series for the Western Zodiac Signs 2017

The title page video for the series I'm in for the Western Zodiac Signs 2017

Cartoon Voice Over for Animation


A woman who owns a coffee shop but doesn't really care about it. All she cares about is herself and won't pay for anything and scrimps on everything.

Wolfram and Hart

A greedy high powered attorney changes her tune to represent a client when she finds out that he will pay her double.

Love and Loss

A mother who's daughter has been missing for some time and she doesn't know if she will ever see her daughter again. She wants to believe she will come back but must give up hoping in order to function in her every day life.

MDCure Video Series

I host a series for back pain sufferers.


Commercial for "For Animated Videos"